How to Text Your Ex Back: How To Talk To Your Ex The First Time

Right after the break up is not really the best time to talk to your ex. You kind of know that, intuitively, however, there are many people that just have to get on the phone or the computer and try to call / text / email them. It is too soon and it will not be appreciated. When the best time to call is, and what do you say on that first call?

The eBook, How to Text Your Ex Back has a bit to say about this as it sets the stage for later activities. It is explained, in this very informative book, that the best time is after approximately one month. The best way to do this is by phone and it might even be best to do this even if the voice mail comes on. Make it a very direct, non-threatening, calm way.

Do not talk about anything negative. Attempt to establish a connection with your ex by explaining that you have been thinking about what happened and that the other person may have been right.

Read this eBook for more on this.


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